Rush Delta Tau Delta

Recruitment Information

Full-time Moravian College students who have completed at least one semester are strongly encouraged and welcome to participate in fraternity or sorority recruitment. Transfer students must have a least sophomore standing. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to participate in recruitment. However, individual organizations may have a higher academic expectation for membership.

Rush Week

Each Spring semester, normally in late January or early February, and Fall semester, normally in early September, Rush Week takes place. This is the first opportunity for freshmen students to join on Moravian college campus. Information regarding Rush is always available just ask a brother. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Potential New Members

What are the benefits of fraternity membership?Immediate benefits include leadership opportunities and the chance to develop skills for working in teams and groups, which are key in life after Moravian. Academic achievement, involvement in community service, participation in philanthropic activities, and a variety of social opportunities await those who join . In addition, the life long bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood and friendships are additional benefits, not only during your time as an undergraduate, but for your years as an alumni member.

Will joining Delt consume all of my time? - Not at all. Joining a fraternity or is a time commitment, but we provide new members with clear expectations regarding their time commitments at the beginning of the new member education period.

Will fraternity membership affect my academics? - Delt recognizes that academics are the reason all students are at Moravian and academics are one of the things Delt does best. Last year, Delt had the highest GPA of all the Fraternities on campus. Each chapter has a scholarship program and provides rewards and incentives for outstanding academic performance, as well as support for members who are struggling academically. Scholarship is encouraged through tutoring and other educational programs.

Are there academic requirements? - Potential New Members must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to participate in recruitment. Individuals with upper-class standing must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Individual chapters may have a standard for membership.

How much does it cost to be a fraternity member? - Delts dues are a flat cost that covers all membership fees. Delt offer payment plans so payments can be paid over the course of the semester. By planning ahead, our brothers find they can easily meet their financial obligations.

What about hazing? - Not only is hazing illegal nationwide, but it is strictly forbidden on Moravian College campus. If you are curious as to what activities you will be doing during your new member period, feel free to ask! If you have heard about any type of hazing occurring, please contact the Director of Greek Life.